- Made from recycled plastic
- 100% Recyclable
- Durable design
- Eco-friendly packaging

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Circular Design

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Circular Design

Collecting & Processing
recycled plastic
NOBS mannequin
NOBS mannequin
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Second Life
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1. Material

Our NOBS mannequins are made with a focus on circular design. We carefully selected materials with the highest quality and lowest environmental impact. Every component can be easily and effectively recycled by utilizing a minimal number of different recycled materials.

We make a difference for you. For the planet.

2. Durability

So you say it’s unbreakable? Yes! And we’re so convinced of it that we offer a lifetime warranty to ensure you get maximum use out of your product.

3. Packaging

The NOBS packaging is easy to assemble, it’s child’s play! In this  83% recycled cardboard box is room for 6 NOBS mannequins and it is completely plastic free.

- Light weight
- Easy assembly
- Responsible materials

*This packaging is only available in Europe

Grab a box. Fill a box. Unpack & Go!

Get started!

4. Second life

We are confident that our mannequin will last a long life. If, for whatever reason, the mannequin is no longer needed, it can be returned to us and we take the responsibility for giving your mannequin a second life.

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